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Leaving the modeling arena in America was not what I wanted to do, but the insufficient work available to black artists, and my yearning to work in the field that I chose, made me seek work in far corners of the world. Working as a Model and artist in the European World was a pleasure.  I can never forget working in the intoxicating beautiful country of Italy. 
With courtesy of hard work, talent and desire, my vision moves me to other parts of European World.  When one is a spontaneous human being and happy, things fall in place. The experience is memorable and wonderful.  There was always good communication working with professional photographers, crew and companies. It was one of delight and pleasure. However, to be a Model, there is a lot to learn.

Modeling encompasses a creative process that you must know. Such as: color coordination, makeup, camera angles, runway, timing, posing and turning are all important aspects of the Models presentation. Professional models must be well trained and experienced.

Walk in a smooth light pace, body weight should be forward.  Body should be straight not stiff. Arms placed down at side seams of the garment, with palms toward the body. Always use hands gracefully.  Shoulders down and the back relaxed, stomach must be flat and buttocks tucked under. Don't forget, to be a successful model you must not only learn all the graceful moves, but you must learn the business end of the industry and its politics.

Peace and Love,

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