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Agent: Daniel Hoff Agency
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Changes Featured (Student Speaker) Hall Bartlett, Dir. 1968
M.A.S.H. Featured (Capt. Peterson) R. Altman, Dir. 1970
The Dark Supporting (Mother) Venture Intl. Prod. 1969
Jim Buck Supporting (Nurse) Jack Palance, Dir. 1969
Adams at 6:00 a.m. Supporting (Girlfriend) Brad McQueen, Dir. 1967
Kidnap Executive Style Co-star Wm. Bros. Prod. 1969
Trojan Women Supporting Barry Simon, Dir. 1967
Anthony & Cleopatra Principal (Iras) Charleton Heston 1972 (Dir. )
Escala in Hi Fi Co-star Isadoro Ferry, Dir. 1970
Dracula Co-star Isadoro Ferry, Dir. 1970
Fall of the Roman Empire Featured Anthony Mann, Dir. 1971
Gilbralta Supporting Gasper Huit, Dir. 1972
Hi Crime Featured Video 2001
Kid Major Featured Pilot 2003 and more...
The Pigeoon w/ Sammy Davis Jr. Supporting (Exec) Pilot..Jerry Paris 1968, (Dir)
But Can She Type Co-Star Pilot, Sally Baker 1989 (Dir)
The Reporter w/ Lou Gosset, Jr. Co-Star Pilot, CBS 1966
Inronside Featured (Andrea) Universal 1989
Various Game Shows NBC, CBS, ABC various
That Girl Featured (Secretary) Paramount and more...
Stage / Theatre / Plays
Childrens Hours Neighborhood Playhouse (NYC) Mesiner
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Maggie) Jeff Corey California
You Can;t Hear when the Water is Running Curt Conway 20h Century Fox
Wine and Roses Curt Conway 20h Century Fox
100 Rifles Curt Conway 20h Century Fox
Funny House of a Negro (Three Characters) Met Theatre
Elizabeth & Essex Elizabeth (Lead and Director) Inner Cultural Ctr.
Sojourner Truth Sojourner (Lead) Theatre of Arts
Curse You Jack Dalton Theatre of Arts
Musicals/Variety/Drama Productions Theatre of Arts
Various Productions Met Theatre
One Woman Show Europe and America and more...
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