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Live Performances
U.S. Performances
   The Cinegrill
T.V. Show in Spain

Catalina Bar & Grill 2006 / Los Angeles
Gardenia 2005 / Los Angeles
Legendary Cinegrill(1992 to 2002) Los Angeles
Grand Biltmore Jazz Club / Los Angeles
Lunaria Supper Club / W. Los Angeles
asis Supper Club / Los Angeles
Nicky Blairs / Hollywood
Monteleones West / Woodland Hills
Hollywood Famous Actor Museum / Hollywood
Wyndham Bel Age Hotel Club / Los Angeles
Europa Supper Club / Los Angeles
Shearton Jazz Series / Los Angeles
and more

Theatre / Clubs

ITALY : Rome, Naples, Palermo, Remini, Genova, Mesina, Catania, Venice, Torino, Milan, San Remo, Famous Olympia Concerthall, Milan.

SPAIN: Madrid, Barcelona, Riveria, Seville, Pavillions, Maberia.

SWEDEN: Gotenberg, Gotland, Visby, Snakenbaden, Stockholm. (Denmark, Norway)
and more

FINLAND: Patria, Helsenki, Hanola

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